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What is it and how it works

Have you ever wondered whether your e-mail messages will be read, when and how many times? gives you all this information and more such as: geographical location of the receiver(s) and technical specifications of the PC or Macintosh been used. offers a series of statistical information being complete with graphics and numeric averages, which will allow you to better understand the performance of your messages.

Main functionalities and features
Information available on e-mail and SMS alerts:

General information about the message
Sender and receiver
Date and time sent and open
Time elapsed from despatch to every opening of the message
Multiple openings
Receiver's IP and whois information
Receiver's geographical location
Browser type and version
Operating system
System language and script supported

Alerts' options:

User definable number of e-mail and SMS alerts
Period of time during which the system can send alerts
Period of time necessary to identify two consecutive openings

Account options:

Sent messages
Received e-mail alerts
Received SMS alerts
Up to 10 e-mail for every subscribed sender
Sent alerts per registered e-mail address
Tracked messages per registered e-mail address


Sent messages per registered e-mail address
Performance of sent messages according to the time of the day
Account status

Accessibility of service:

Via e-mail
Tramite SMS
Via web interface
Via WAP interface

How can I use service?

You first have to be registered to with a full or trial subscription [get a free trial ]

Once you have successfully completed the registration procedure you may write your messages as usual and track them with You may use any e-mail client or web based software (Outlook, Entourage, Netscape, Hotmail, Gmail on a PC or Macintosh):

Writing your message as usual

If you invisibly want to track your e-mail messages, you will have to add the suffix after your receiver(s) the e-mail address:

Activate system

If you would also like to receive an SMS alert after your e-mails have been opened, you will have to add the suffix after your receiver(s) e-mail address. Doing so you will have your usual web and WAP statistics, e-mail alerts and an SMS message with all relevant information of first opening:

Receive an SMS message as well

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